Animal Products (AP) E-cert

AP E-cert is the application used to issue export certificates for animal products to markets that require official assurances.


Before you click on the login link below, ensure you have already activated your account by clicking on the activation link sent to you by MPI after you applied using the ECO1 form [PDF, 258 KB]

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Guidance to help you use AP E-cert

We've developed a set of guidance resources to help you:

  • understand the exporting process and certification
  • use the electronic certification system (AP E-cert).

About AP E-cert

AP E-cert is the Ministry for Primary Industries' (MPI's) secure online application used for the raising and issuing of export certificates for destination countries that require official assurances.

The purpose of AP E-cert is to track the market eligibility and status of animal products from the time of production until export. This enables export certificates to be approved. AP E-cert also tracks the movement history of animal products as they are transferred between premises within New Zealand using eligibility declarations of eligibility documents.

All documents raised in AP E-cert must accurately capture all the required information to confirm that requirements have been met for New Zealand and destination markets. The information required is detailed in animal product notices and the help files for AP E-cert.

Animal Products Notice: Official Assurances Specifications for Animal Material and Animal Products  

Animal Products Notice: Official Assurances Specifications for Dairy Material and Dairy Products  

Guidance on using AP E-cert

Who needs to use AP E-cert?

You need to use AP E-cert if you process or store animal products for export that will need an export certificate, or where product traceability is required for export. Whenever products move between premises you must enter information in AP E-cert. This information must be entered correctly to ensure products are eligible for the destination market and a final export certificate can be approved.

To use AP E-cert, your company must be either:

  • a business with a registered risk management programme or regulated control scheme
  • a registered exporter under the Animal Products Act 1999
  • an export approved premises, or
  • an agent acting for another company that is registered as one of the above.

Get access to AP E-cert

Access to AP E-cert is granted on an individual basis through a RealMe login and password. Sharing of RealMe logins, even in the same business, is a breach of the conditions of use and may result in access being revoked.

Terms and conditions for MPI web applications

If you are using an agent to do your AP E-cert work, they will tell you what to do.

Note: AP E-cert requires different access from other logins you may be using on the MPI website (for example, the login you use to view overseas market access requirements (OMARs)).

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Step 1: Set up your organisation for AP E-Cert

If your organisation has not used AP E-cert before, you need to complete and submit an ‘Organisation to be billed’ application form before requesting AP E-cert access for individual staff.

Animal Products E-cert Organisation to be billed – application form

There are charges associated with using AP E-cert. You can find further information about AP E-cert user charges on the billing and invoicing page.

Step 2: Set up individual access to AP E-cert

Once you've submitted the 'Organisation to be billed' form you can set up access for each staff member who will enter information into the AP E-cert system. There is no fee for setting up this access.

To request individual access, complete the EC01 application form.

EC01 Access to Animal Products E-cert – application form [PDF, 258 KB]

Integrating your system with AP E-cert

To request access to link your company system electronically with AP E-cert, complete the EC03 application form.

EC03 System Access to Animal Products E-cert – application form

Building new systems to interface with AP E-cert

The reference files provide technical information for software developers building new systems to interface with AP E-cert.

If you have system issues using AP E-cert

If you get an error message, and it is not clear what the problem is, you can:

  • complete and submit a problem report (under the main menu on the AP E-cert navigation bar), or
  • email a screenshot of the error message to
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