Reference files for Animal Products E-cert (AP E-cert)

Find links here to documents that AP E-cert users regularly refer to, and files useful to your company’s software developers.

Help files for new users

The AP E-cert Help files provide step-by-step guidance and tutorials on how use AP E-cert.

You need to be logged in as an E-cert user to view these (under 'Main Menu' on the navigation bar). MPI strongly recommends that you complete the tutorials in the training system before you use AP E-cert.

Files useful to regular users of E-cert

Information that you are likely to refer to on a regular basis is provided below. You need to be logged in as an E-cert user to view a number of these.

Eligibility declarations when E-cert is not available

Use this document in one of the following circumstances:

  • when approved for a particular product
  • when AP E-cert is unavailable and MPI has approved the emergency use of paper documents.

Animal Products Paper Eligibility Document / Declaration [PDF, 44 KB]

Files for software developers

The following documents are provided to support software developers when building new systems to interface with AP E-cert.

Guide to XML submissions

This technical guide is targeted at users who are familiar with XML and the data requirements of AP E-cert. It provides information for:

  • E-cert users who are creating and submitting online batch files
  • software developers who are building or modifying a SOAP data exchange mechanism between a company system and AP E-cert.

The document provides the URLs for SOAP submissions.  It also gives illustrative examples of batch file submissions for export certificates and eligibility documents.

The following documents are accompanying reference files.

WSDL files

XML Schema Definitions

The XSD files provide the XML codes and tags to use to assemble a batch file:

This document provides more a readable version of both the schemas, with descriptions of all of the elements, field lengths and formats:

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