Find market access requirement documents for exporting animal products, organic products, processed food products, and wine to Canada.

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Animal products

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Canada OMAR

OMAR notifications

Reference number and title

Issue date

17/018 Alternative MPI certification


09/028 Bovine Taenia saginata examination procedures: Specified countries


For your information (FYIs)

FYI reference number and title

Issue date

F17/18 Safe Food for Canadians Act and regulations – information and guidance


Harmonised codes

The requirements for using harmonised codes are in the Canada OMAR section 2.9.1.

The list of harmonised codes is not exhaustive. It contains only those codes that Canada has notified to MPI. If you can't find a suitable code for your product, contact your importer for advice.


Issue Date

Harmonised Code System (HS) list (31 KB PDF)


 Canada OMAR amendment history


Issue date

Canada OMAR Amendment 11


Canada OMAR Amendment 10


Canada OMAR Amendment 9


Processed food products

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OMAR notifications

Reference number and title

Issue date

F17/18: Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations – Information and Guidance [PDF, 474 KB]


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Exporting processed food


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Reference number and title

Issue date

W10.1 Export of wine: Specified countries [PDF, 124 KB]


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Exporting New Zealand grape wine

Organic products

MPI has not negotiated entry conditions for organic products exported to this market.

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Canada market and trade information

New Zealand's relationship with Canada (North America) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Canada market information – NZ Trade and Enterprise

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