Who does what in exporting

The groups and processes involved in exporting primary industry products from New Zealand.

Governments set and monitor requirements

Throughout the exporting process, producers, operators and exporters must meet requirements set by the New Zealand Government and the destination market.

Six main government agencies play a part in primary industry exports:

  • Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) – Sets regulatory standards for food and agricultural products, verifies that standards are met and provides assurances to overseas markets.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Builds and maintains trade relationships for New Zealand's goods and services.
  • New Zealand Customs Service – Monitors export goods and encourages New Zealand's international trade.
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – The Government's international trade promotion and business development agency.
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – Supports business growth for economic development.
  • Medsafe (the Ministry of Health) – The authority responsible for the regulation of therapeutic products in New Zealand.

Producers grow or harvest goods

Producers need to make sure goods are grown and harvested in line with domestic (and any additional) export requirements.

Operators process, manufacture, transport or store goods

Processing covers all manufacturing steps turning raw ingredients into finished products, as well as transporting and storing products.

Exporters export goods

Exporters might have grown or manufactured a product, or they might buy a fully processed and branded product and export it. The exporter is responsible for making sure that the products they export have met all the relevant requirements. They often work with an import agent in the destination market.

Taking trade samples overseas

You may need to meet export requirements if you take trade samples to other countries. Where there are known requirements, they'll be defined in the requirements for the countries or markets the samples are intended for.

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