How export fees and charges work

You will need to pay fees and charges for services provided by MPI and other providers when exporting.


This page gives an overview of how export fees and charges work generally. If you're looking for costs for a specific kind of product (like dairy), check the exporting steps for that product. 

User-pays approach

MPI recovers the costs for the services that we give to exporters. Activities and services we charge for include:

  • registering as an exporter
  • processing applications for approved or recognised persons or premises
  • negotiating overseas market access on your behalf
  • registering, changing, or verifying risk-based management plans (like risk management programmes or Wine Standards Management Plans)
  • providing official assurance or export certificates
  • using MPI's electronic certification systems.

MPI may also charge you for its actual and reasonable costs in providing these services. This includes costs like courier charges, stationery, and accommodation.

You may also have to pay for other services that aren't outlined here. These include storage and transportation costs.

Levies for exporters

MPI charges some levies to businesses producing or processing products and animals for export. These levies help cover the cost of:

  • developing standards for export products
  • developing and maintaining access to overseas markets.

To find out more, refer to:

How much will it cost?

You can find MPI's fees and charges for exporters on the individual 'fees and charges' web pages for each export product, commodity, or animal. The fees are also on application forms and other relevant documents. Costs will change depending on:

  • what you're exporting
  • the destination country.

How to pay

You may need to pay MPI in advance for some services (like registering as an exporter). In other cases (like for exporter levies), MPI will send you an invoice.

You can pay by:

  • direct credit
  • credit card.

You'll find further details on the relevant forms.

If you regularly export goods, it's easiest to set up a credit account with MPI.

Download the credit application form [PDF, 300 KB]

Find out more

MPI's fees, charges, and levies for exporters are set out in legislation. Visit the NZ Legislation website to read the:

Who to contact

If you have questions about MPI's fees and charges for exporters, email

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