Introduction to meeting New Zealand standards for export

Check the New Zealand standards your product must meet before it can be exported.

Check NZ requirements for your product

Any product being exported from New Zealand must be produced according to relevant domestic standards and requirements, including the ability to be sold freely in New Zealand.

Check the requirements for your product type.


Live animals

Plants and plant products

Forest products

Agricultural compounds and vet medicines

You also need to check whether there are extra requirements for exporting your product to specific markets.

Check OMAR or ICPR export requirements

Other requirements for exporting

On top of regulations and standards administered by MPI, you may have to meet other requirements. These might be of a commercial nature or requirements set by other government agencies, like the New Zealand Customs Service (Customs).

Also check with importing agents in destination countries to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

Help with exporting

Contact our Exporter Regulatory Advice Service

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