Exporting under a plan or programme

Find out about export requirements and programmes used to either manage food safety risks or to assure importing countries that New Zealand products and commodities are free from specific pests and diseases.

Animal product risk management programmes

If you process or manufacture animal products you may need a risk management programme (RMP). RMPs are written programmes designed to manage the hazards, wholesomeness, and labelling of animal material and products. Hazards may be biological, chemical, or physical.

Food control plan

If you sell food in New Zealand or Australia you may need to implement a food control plan. It is a risk-based approach to identifying, monitoring, and managing the hazards in your food business.

Official assurance programmes

Official assurance programmes (OAPs) vary depending on the product or commodity.

Live animals and germplasm

The OAP for exporting live animals and germplasm helps ensure that exporters meet the import requirements of their destination country. It helps reassure importing governments that any animal material (including live animals, and germplasm liike semen and embryos) from New Zealand meets the import requirements for those markets.

Find out more about OAPs for live animals and germplasm

Fruit, vegetables, plant and wood products

OAPs for fruit, vegetables, and plant products are password-protected. Only registered programme participants and Independent Verification Agencies can access them.

To access these documents, you will first need to select the document you wish to view, and then sign in to RealMe.

Browse fruit and vegetable OAPs

Search plant product OAPs

Check wood and wood products export requirements

Regulated Control Schemes

Regulated Control Schemes are used under certain circumstances to manage food-related risks. For example, a scheme may be used when it's not possible to follow a risk management programme. A scheme might also be used when it's more efficient to run a national programme.

Official Organic Assurance Programme

Organic product exporters can use the Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP). This programme is designed to make it easier to export organic products to specific countries.

Wine standards management plan

If you want to export your own New Zealand grape wine, then you must follow a wine standards management plan (WSMP). You must register your WSMP with MPI. An approved verifier must verify it every 12 months.

See the 6 steps to creating your wine standards management plan [PDF, 36 KB]

Exporting wine made by someone else

If you are exporting wine made by someone else, you don't need your own registered WSMP, but the wine producer and packager need to have one.

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