Animal Products (AP) E-cert

Animal Products (AP) E-cert is the application used to issue export certificates for animal products to countries that require Official Assurances.

Who needs to use Animal Products E-cert

If you process or store animal products for export that will need an export certificate, you must enter information into AP E-cert whenever the products move between premises.

Register for AP E-cert

To use E-cert, your company must be:

  • a business with a registered Risk Management Programme
  • a registered exporter under the Animal Products Act 1999
  • an export-approved premises
  • acting as an agent for another company that is registered as one of the above.

Access to E-cert for organisations

If your organisation has not used E-cert before, you need to complete and submit an ‘Organisation to be billed’ form before requesting E-cert access for individual staff. Contact details are provided on the form.

You can find further information about E-cert charges on the billing and invoicing page.

Access to E-cert for individuals

Once you've submitted the company billing form, then you can set up logins for staff or agents who are entering information into the E-cert system. There is no fee for setting up this access.

Access to AP E-cert is granted on an individual basis. Each individual using E-cert must have their own login and password. Sharing of logins is a breach of the conditions of use and may result access in access being revoked.

Note: Your login and password for E-cert is different from other passwords you may be using on the MPI website – for example, the login you use to get access to Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs).

To request a login and password for an individual user, complete the:

Terms and conditions of using AP E-cert are included in:

Integrating your system with E-cert

To request access to link your own system with E-cert, complete:

How AP E-cert works

Phase 1

When the product is moved from one place to another, an authorised user adds required product data and generates an electronic internal transfer document, known as an eligibility document or eligibility declaration.

Phase 2

Once the eligibility document is submitted, the local official assurance verifier reviews the information. They approve or reject the request based upon their knowledge of the premises and the contents of the document.

Phases 3 and 4

Repeated with each transfer of the products. Products recorded on one document may be combined with other products to create a new document. This can be repeated many times as processing continues and the products are moved between registered premises. In this way, AP E-cert tracks the movement history of animal products within New Zealand.

Phase 5

When the product is ready for export, the exporter, or their agent, uses AP E-cert to enter the required product and consignment data and generate a request for an export certificate. They then need to email MPI certification services to confirm they've raised a request.

After the request is submitted, MPI reviews the request. They make sure that all the information is correct and that the right statements (attestations) have been selected according to the destination country. Sometimes they may need to check details of the product in greater detail with the exporter, the RMP operator or the RMP verifier.

When they are satisfied, the certificate is issued.

Phase 6

Destination country officials review the export certificate as part of their border clearance processes. The officials can also access AP E-cert to validate the data and confirm that a certificate is correct. Alternatively, the certificate data can be sent electronically from AP E-cert directly to a database controlled by the border authority of the destination country.

Get help with AP E-cert

Guidance for some common problems and where to go for additional help.

Online help

You can get access to the help files for AP E-cert by logging into the system and clicking on ‘Help’ (under Main Menu on the navigation bar).

The AP E-cert Help files provide guidance on how use AP E-cert. MPI strongly recommends that you practice raising electronic declarations and export certificates in the training system before you use 'live' AP E-cert.

For useful links to files you require regularly, refer to:

Forgotten password

If you are using a RealMe logon, then you need to contact RealMe to reset your password:

All other users should email

Error generated when using E-cert

If you get an error message, you can do one of the following:

  • complete and submit a problem report (under main menu on the navigation bar)
  • email a screen shot of the error message to

Help with completing an E-cert submission

You can get the following help to find out how to complete an E-cert submission:


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