Fisheries and conservation services levies

The commercial fisheries sector is charged for fisheries and conservation services through regular levies. Find out the latest levies and what services they cover.

About the levies

We charge commercial fishers regular levies for:

  • fisheries services that relate to managing commercial fisheries
  • conservation services (on behalf of the Department of Conservation).

What you'll be charged

You will be charged:

  • monthly levies for every quota share you own
  • an annual levy based on the weight of non-quota species (albacore tuna, seal shark, skipjack tuna and octopus) you landed under a fishing permit (issued under the Fisheries Act 1996).

We update the cost-recovery levy orders for the fishing industry every year.

Download the latest levies [XLSX, 95 KB]

Services covered by levies

Levies cover costs of:

  • monitoring commercial fishing activities
  • fisheries stock assessment research
  • research necessary to manage and mitigate the effects of commercial fishing  on the aquatic environment and biodiversity, including protected species
  • monitoring commercial fishing activity through observer coverage
  • administering commercial fishing services, registries and quota.

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Who to contact

If you have questions about levy calculations, email

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