New Zealand and Codex

MPI manages New Zealand’s participation in Codex, and sets strategic priorities to ensure Codex standards have the widest possible application.

MPI is the lead agency for Codex

New Zealand has been a member of Codex since its formation in 1963, and attaches great importance to its work. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is New Zealand’s lead agency for working with Codex. It is responsible for managing New Zealand's input and participation.


New Zealand participation in Codex

New Zealand government objectives

New Zealand is a trading nation, so has a strong interest in ensuring that Codex:

  • develops standards and related texts that are risk-based and founded on robust science
  • is efficient, and responsive to the needs of its members
  • works to reduce technical barriers to trade, and facilitates market access through the development of international standards with a wide application.

New Zealand’s strategic objectives

New Zealand's input and participation in the work of Codex are guided by our strategic objectives to:

  • strongly influence Codex standards to reflect New Zealand’s interests in food safety, public health, and trade
  • strengthen strategic relationships and alliances
  • promote a strong, efficient, and responsive Codex.

We direct New Zealand’s limited resources towards the committees and work areas with the greatest importance to our food safety and trade.

New Zealand’s Strategic Objectives in Codex 2015–2020 [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Other standard-setting bodies

Codex is one of 3 international standard-setting bodies that are important to New Zealand.

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