Overview of maintenance compounds in animal product processing

Find out which products you can use to maintain and clean your animal product processing facilities and equipment.

What is a maintenance compound?

The term "maintenance compounds" refers to detergents, sanitisers, and other products used to clean or maintain facilities and equipment.

Maintenance compound requirements

If you process dairy or other animal products (such as meat or seafood), and you operate under the Animal Products Act 1999, you need to use approved maintenance compounds.

The requirements that apply to your business differ depending on whether you process dairy or non-dairy animal products.

Maintenance compounds used in dairy processing

Maintenance compounds used in processing meat, seafood, and other non-dairy animal products

If you're using chemicals in types of food processing not covered by the Animal Products Act, you don't need to use approved maintenance compounds. But you must operate under the relevant act (for example, the Food Act or the Wine Act) and meet the requirements of the Food Standards Code.

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Australian Government

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The legal documents that apply to maintenance compounds include the:

Who to contact

If you have questions about maintenance compounds, email info@mpi.govt.nz

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