Seafood RMP templates and food safety codes

Food safety codes and HACCP guidance for fish, seafood, and shellfish. This includes guidance for processing, rendering, and filleting on inshore vessels.

Seafood operational code

Food safety Codes of Practice are support documents to help you meet your requirements.

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Operational code for processors of seafood products

If you're a primary or secondary processor of seafood products, this code can help you meet your:

  • risk management programme (RMP) requirements
  • requirements under the regulated control scheme (RCS) for limited processing fishing vessels (LPFVs)
  • seafood food safety requirements
  • Animal Product 1999 requirements.

Operational code: Processing of seafood products [PDF, 2.5 MB]

The code can help you create, register, and use your RMP, and produce safe and suitable food. Using it will:

  • make the process easier
  • reduce costs
  • reduce time needed to develop your RMP.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for seafood processing

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognised system used to identify, analyse, and control hazards.

You can use this document to help you apply HACCP:

Code of Practice: Processing of seafood product – Part 3: HACCP application, and the identification of other risk factors and their controls [PDF, 126 KB]

Benefits of using the operational code

Using the code will help you:

  • comply with best practice or acceptable industry practices and procedures
  • meet your legal requirements
  • have simpler evaluation and external verification procedures for your RMP
  • manage the risks of foodborne diseases, including listeriosis.
Secondary processors (further processing)

"Further processing" describes processing operations such as:

  • heat treatment
  • canning
  • drying
  • high pressure processing.

It's also referred to as "secondary processing" under the Animal Products Act 1999 (APA).

This guidance document can help secondary processors of seafood products meet the requirements of the APA:

Guidance document: Further processing [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Code for rendering of animal products for animal consumption

This Code of Practice can help businesses producing rendered animal products for animal consumption:

Code of Practice: Rendering [PDF, 802 KB]

Find out about risk management for rendering fish

Find requirements for rendering businesses

Seafood RMP templates and documents

Generic RMP models for the processing of seafood product [PDF, 568 KB]

RMP template: Inshore vessels – Fish filleting [PDF, 354 KB]

RMP template: Inshore vessels – Fish filleting [DOC, 482 KB]

Guidelines for RMP template – Inshore vessels fish filleting [PDF, 63 KB]

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