Risk management for rendering fish for fish oil or fish meal

If you render fish to produce fish oil or fish meal, you may need a risk management programme (RMP). Find out what you need to do.

What is fish rendering?

Fish can be broken down (rendered) using heat or pressure to produce fish oil or fish meal. Fish rendering can be done on fishing vessels or on land.

Risk management programmes (RMPs) for rendering

Most fish rendering needs to be done under an RMP.

Risk management programmes (RMPs) for seafood

General information about RMPs, including how to develop, register, operate, and amend

Rendering activities that do not need an RMP

You do not need an RMP for rendering fish taken in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone that is:

  • not landed in New Zealand, and
  • not called product of New Zealand.

In this case, the product is excluded from the Animal Products Act 1999 and does not need to be covered under an RMP.

This exemption is in clause 4 of the Animal Products (Exemptions and Inclusions) Order 2000

Limited processing fishing vessels

You also do not need an RMP if you render fish on a limited processing fishing vessel (LPFV). Instead, you should use the LPFV Regulated Control Scheme (RCS).

Find out more about limited processing fishing vessels (LPFVs) and food safety

Rendering code of practice (COP)

The rendering COP has information on rendered animal products requirements. It may help you with creating your RMP.

Code of practice: Rendering [PDF, 802 KB]

Our model of a rendering RMP will also help you develop your RMP.

Generic RMP model for rendering [PDF, 277 KB]

Requirements if you render fish for animal consumption

If you do this, you'll need to meet the requirements in the Animal Products Notice: Specifications for Products Intended for Animal Consumption [PDF, 771 KB]

You also need to check whether you need to meet requirements around pet food, animal feed, and nutritional supplements.

Pet food, animal feed, and nutritional supplements

Seafood exporting requirements

If you're planning to export, check the requirements you need to meet.

Exporting seafood

Who to contact

If you have questions about rendering fish for fish oil or fish meal, email info@mpi.govt.nz

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