Emissions Trading Scheme policies and forms

Find the policies we use to administer the Emissions Trading Scheme and the forms you need to manage registered forest land.

Credit card payments for forms

A secured way of paying application processing fees by credit card.

Use the online ETS system

Some of the forestry ETS forms can be completed online using our ETS online system.

Log into the ETS online system

Download our user guide for the ETS online system [PDF, 955 KB]

Register or deregister forest land

Apply to be registered as a post-1989 forest participant [PDF, 563 KB]

Participant deregistration – post 1989 [PDF, 587 KB]

Notify pre-1990 participant deregistration [PDF, 355 KB]

Transfer ETS participation

Transfer of participation (transfer) [PDF, 677 KB]

Transfer of participation (expiry/termination) [PDF, 540 KB]

Opt-in participation form

Add or remove land from your registered forest

Add a Carbon Accounting Area (CAA) [PDF, 977 KB]

Remove a Carbon Accounting Area (CAA) [PDF, 643 KB]

Remove land from a Carbon Accounting Area (CAA) [PDF, 577 KB]

Additional Carbon Accounting Areas (CAA) [PDF, 180 KB]

Complete an emissions return

Emissions return (5 year mandatory) [PDF, 563 KB]

Emissions return (voluntary) [PDF, 648 KB]

Emissions return (transmission) [PDF, 463 KB]

Emissions return (unit surrender) [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Emissions return (pre-1990 deforestation) [PDF, 805 KB]

Field Measurement Approach (FMA)

Assign forest class – email climatechange@mpi.govt.nz to request a participant-specific form

Request a sample plot waiver (permanent) [PDF, 305 KB]

Request a sample plot waiver (temporary) [PDF, 310 KB]

Request to allocate permanent sample plot locations – email climatechange@mpi.govt.nz to request a participant-specific form

Deforest pre-1990 forest land

Notify pre-1990 deforestation [PDF, 573 KB]

Emissions return (pre-1990 deforestation) [PDF, 805 KB]

Apply for a deforestation exemption (less than 50 hectare) [PDF, 265 KB]

Offset pre-1990 forest deforestation

Pre-1990 forest land offsetting [PDF, 578 KB]

Other forms

Additional properties [PDF, 215 KB]

Approval of authorised representative [PDF, 246 KB]

Interested party consent [PDF, 251 KB]

Joint applicant contact details [PDF, 154 KB]

Person to receive notices [PDF, 181 KB]

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