Tracking progress of the One Billion Trees Programme

Find out about the Government's One Billion Trees Programme and how many trees have been planted so far.

A billion trees by 2027

The Government has set a goal to plant a billion trees in the next 10 years – between 2018 and 2027.

Initial estimates suggest about half that number will be achieved through existing planting programmes. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) will be helping boost planting rates to achieve the goal.

It will take a combined effort by government, landowners, commercial foresters, conservation groups, regional councils, iwi, communities, and others.

Keeping track of progress

We'll be keeping track of the progress towards the billion trees goal. Te Uru Rākau collects data throughout the year on the sale and distribution of exotic and native tree seedlings. We'll use this data to estimate the number of trees being planted and update this web page regularly.


A graphic showing how many trees have been planted so far as part of the One Billion Trees programme. It's 142 million as at 20 August 2019.

What trees are counted?

For the purpose of our tree count, we're defining a tree as a woody perennial plant species that can grow to a height of at least 5 metres.


Before you make any planting decisions, we recommend you check the biosecurity and pest status of the species you wish to plant. You can check with your local council or search these registers:

You may need resource consent

Some plantation forestry activities may require a resource consent. For guidance on forestry activities permitted on your land and whether a resource consent is required, contact your local council or refer to:

Check our primary forestry tree species list for what we're including in the count [XLSX, 61 KB]

If you would like more information on our tree count method, email

Partnerships to achieve one billion trees

The One Billion Trees Programme is partnering with organisations to help reduce barriers to tree planting, making use of knowledge and experience from across the industry.

Crown Forestry is also helping to achieve the one billion trees goal through partnerships with landowners to plant commercial radiata pine on their properties.

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