Mediation Hardship Fund for the Farm Debt Mediation Scheme

Find out about the Mediation Hardship Fund and how to apply.

The fund helps pay mediation costs

The Mediation Hardship Fund helps farmers who want to use the Farm Debt Mediation Scheme but can't afford the cost. Farmers in extreme hardship can apply to have the mediation paid for by MPI.

The fund can provide:

  • up to $2,000 incl GST for the cost of the authorised mediator
  • other costs associated with mediation (such as preparing accurate accounts, or a legal review) through a recognised professional.

Eligibility criteria for the hardship fund

To be eligible for the Mediation Hardship Fund, farmers must meet 4 criteria.

  1. Applicants must be a farm business engaged in agriculture, horticulture, or aquaculture, or in a primary production activity in connection with these.
  2. Applicants must be a GST-registered New Zealand entity.
  3. Applicants must be under demonstrable financial hardship that would prevent them being able to participate in mediation without MPI's assistance.
  4. The debt must be from a recognised secured creditor and be linked to the core activities of the business. The debt does not need to be in default.

How to apply for the hardship fund

To apply for the Mediation Hardship Fund, applicants must submit:

  • a completed application form
  • an invoice for the total amount being applied for
  • a copy of all relevant receipts
  • supporting documentation that demonstrates the full costs of pre-mediation support
  • a letter of recommendation from their accountant.

Mediation Hardship Fund application form [PDF, 470 KB]

Other support for struggling farmers

The Farm Business Advice Support Fund

The Farm Business Advice Support Fund is managed by Rural Support Trusts. It does not pay for the costs of mediation but will provide up to $6,000 to pay for financial or business advice from an independent consultant.

How to apply

Contact your local Rural Support Trust to discuss applying for the fund.

Rural Support Trust

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