Caprine Innovations NZ

The Caprine Innovations NZ programme (CAPRINZ) aims to make goat milk formula the preferred alternative to conventional infant milk formula, for customers in New Zealand and overseas.


CAPRINZ aims to put New Zealand goat milk infant formula ahead of its international competitors. Led by Dairy Goat Co-operative, the programme will:

  • position goat milk infant formula as the preferred alternative to conventional infant formula
  • provide a competitive advantage to the New Zealand goat milk industry that will be difficult to replicate in other parts of the world.

The challenge

The industry needs to show that goat milk infant formula has benefits for infants compared to conventional formula. This has to be backed by clinical evidence and market insights.

To enhance the natural features of goat milk for infant feeding, the industry needs:

  • farm system innovation – to deliver a proven superior and natural infant formula alternative
  • the right tools – to grow in a sustainable manner.

The solution

CAPRINZ aims to tap into the high-value New Zealand goat milk infant formula industry and increase export revenue to $400 million a year by 2023.

It will position goat milk formula as the preferred alternative to conventional infant milk formula for customers in New Zealand and overseas, by meeting demand when breastfeeding needs supplementing or isn't possible.

Goat milk infant formula is a premium, niche export product, providing good, sustainable payouts for farmers. The CAPRINZ programme will protect this premium by providing consumers and health care professionals with information on the benefits of goat milk infant formula that are backed by clinical science and delivered through sustainable farm systems.

Outcome logic model

Key facts

Programme start: 1 September 2018
Length: 5 years
PGP funding: $11.86 million
Industry funding: $17.70 million
Crown funding paid out to programme for work done to 30 June 2019: $1,170,000
Commercial partner: Dairy Goat Co-operative (NZ) Ltd
Estimated potential economic benefit to NZ: $400 million a year in export revenue by 2023.

Progress report

CAPRINZ Progress Summary

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