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Agri-Gate 2021 newsletter

Issue 55 – April 2021

Topics in Issue 55 include:

  • a major 5-year research and development partnership with Leaft Foods
  • the Māui Dolphin Project, testing drone technology that could help save our critically endangered Māui dolphin
  • a trial to explore the viability of growing peanuts in Northland
  • a successful one-year trial demonstrating that it’s possible to produce independently verified sustainable beef in New Zealand through the entire supply chain
  • Woolchemy’s success in securing overseas nappy manufacturers to trial its new wool-based textile, developed for use in biodegradable disposable nappies
  • a community project supported by our Earthquake Recovery Fund, aimed at restoring pāua to the Kaikōura coastline
  • the independent evaluations of 4 of our completed Primary Growth Partnership programmes.
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2020 issues

Issue 54 – December 2020

Topics in Issue 54 include:

  • our partnership with NZ Algae Innovations Ltd to assess the viability of larger-scale production of spirulina
  • Growers Leading Change, a new industry extension programme that will help arable farmers to lift sustainable farming practices, and boost their efficiency and profitability
  • a co-investment project researching ways to protect the long-term sustainability of New Zealand horticulture, including how to enhance the performance of bumblebee hives using pheromones
  • the 8 projects we’re funding through the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Research fund
  • the winners of our 2020 Ahuwhenua Trophy Award for Excellence in Māori Horticulture
  • a paper we funded to explore the challenges and opportunities with native forestry on Māori land
  • a new report surveying the state of our biotech industry.

Issue 53 – September 2020

Topics in Issue 53 include:

  • the final report on ANZCO’s FoodPlus programme, which has found new and innovative ways to use lower value parts of the red meat carcass;
  • Don’t Muddy the Water, a new app developed with the help of the former Sustainable Farming Fund, which helps decision-making for erosion and sediment control on cultivated vegetable land;
  • the outcome of Villa Maria’s trial planting of native plants and cover crops under vines as an alternative to herbicides in commercial vineyards;
  • YieldTec’s plan to use robots and technology to support orchard staff during busy periods;
  • A Lighter Touch, a new 7-year programme bringing together the horticulture, wine, and arable sectors to find ways to meet consumer demands for food produced through more sustainable pest management practices;
  • a new system to help evaluate the performance of New Zealand's dairy genetics;
  • the Go Dairy campaign to attract new recruits to the dairy industry.

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2019 issues

  • Issue 52 – December [PDF, 5.4 MB]
    This edition includes impressive mussel growth results from the SPATnz programme, a new SFF Futures project looking at turning seaweed into a greenhouse gas-busting cattle feed supplement, new climate change projects, a cheap and efficient nitrogen test for soil, MPI’s involvement in the NZ Aerospace Challenge 2019, and some of our work with Māori agribusinesses.
  • Issue 51 – August/September [PDF, 2.3 MB]
    This edition includes the launch of Project Whakatiputipu, our first SFF Futures project; closing of the application round for the Voluntary Bonding Scheme (VBS) for Veterinarians; recent SFF Futures workshops and findings from an independent evaluation of the New Zealand Sheep Industry Transformation Project (NZSTX).
  • Issue 50 – June/July [PDF, 2.7 MB]
    This edition includes the launch of the Resilient Dairy: Innovative Breeding for a Sustainable Future programme, approval for use of the Modular Harvest System developed by the Precision Seafood Harvesting programme in certain North Island in-shore fisheries, the upcoming application round for the Voluntary Bonding Scheme for Vets in August 2019 and a visit by the Minister of Agriculture to some of the farmers affected by the 2016 Kaikoura-Hurunui earthquake and involved with the Post-Quake Farming Project.
  • Issue 49 – April/May [PDF, 3.2 MB]
    This edition includes coverage of the Grow 2019 Agri-Summit, SFF Futures including our new video, coverage of the Hapi Symposium on 6 April and NZ Climate Change Conference and the launch of the Te Mahi Ngahere I te Ao Hurihuri – Forestry in the Modern Age programme, and a Sustainable Farming Fund biocontrol project to tackle the horehound, a noxious weed estimated to cost NZ dryland farmers around $6.85 million a year.
  • Issue 48 – February [PDF, 690 KB]
    This edition includes new projects as a result of the final funding round for the Sustainable Farming Fund, funding for new projects from the Hill Country Erosion Fund, findings from a review of the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre, new Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures applicant guidelines, and the MPI partnering on the Grow 2019 Agri Summit.

2018 issues

  • Issue 47 – December [PDF, 826 KB]
    Included in this edition is the launch of Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures, the Mid-rise Timber Construction programme, the One Billion Trees Fund, findings from the recent review of the Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) research programme and updates on the Post-quake Farming and Kaikoura Plains Recovery projects. 
  • Issue 46 – October [PDF, 3.7 MB]
    Included in this edition is the launch of the Hāpi – Brewing Success hop and craft beer programme, releasing the PGP Annual Report for the year ending 30 June 2018, the Red Meat Profit Partnership, this year's funding round for the Hill Country Erosion Fund, a Sustainable Farming Fund project aimed at understanding variations in onion crops and yields, and celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change programme.
  • Issue 45 – August [PDF, 1.5 MB]
    Included in this edition ten year anniversary of the Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change research programme, launch of Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures, launch of the Caprine Innovations NZ PGP programme, release of the PGP review report, welcoming Zoe Attwood to the Investment Advisory Panel, the Wool Unleashed PGP programme, and a soil carbon research project funded by the NZ Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre.
  • Issue 44 – June [PDF, 511 KB]
    Topics include an update on the review of the Primary Growth Partnership, funding rounds for the Sustainable Farming Fund and erosion programmes, launches of initiatives at the National Fieldays, The Omega Lamb Project, and an Erosion Control Funding Programme using high-res digital mapping to reduce erosion and boost infrastructure planning in Gisborne.
  • Issue 43 – April [PDF, 4.3 MB]
    Topics include reflections on the recently completed Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme, an update on the review of the PGP, the Red Meat Profit Partnership PGP programme and findings of an independent review, a Sustainable Farming Fund project aimed at improving pastures and productivity of sheep farming on hill country dryland, and the Passion2Profit PGP programme that’s increasing the long-term viability of New Zealand’s deer industry.
  • Issue 42 - February [PDF, 3.1 MB]
    Topics include an update on the review of the PGP, the New Zealand Avocados Go Global PGP programme, evaluation of the Whai Hua PGP programme, a Sustainable Farming Fund-supported project working with students to protect the Pomahaka River in southwest Otago, a Hill Country Erosion programme that’s tackling erosion in the Horizons Region, and a farm business recovery programme funded by MPI’s Earthquake Recovery Fund and other organisations, to help farmers make decisions on land use following the November 2016 earthquake. 

2017 issues

  • Issue 41 – December [PDF, 3 MB]
    Topics include the Food and Fibre Innovation Conference, PGP Expo and other recent events, recent awards won by PGP programmes, funding to tackle erosion in Gisborne, an upcoming review of the PGP, and highlights from 2017.
  • Issue 40 – October [PDF, 1.8 MB]
    Topics include the 2017 Food and Fibre Innovation Conference and PGP Expo, and progress reviews for the High Performance Manuka Plantations and Lighter Wines PGP programmes.
  • Issue 39 – August [PDF, 2.1 MB]
    Topics include the avocado industry celebrate record season, steepland harvesting demo, TE MANA LAMB in My Food Bag, PGP programme completions, PSH PGP programme progress review, Sustainable Farming Fund round opening, Afforestation Grant Scheme results, and Earthquake Recovery Fund results.
  • Issue 38 – June [PDF, 3.1 MB]
    Topics include achievements across MPI’s investment programmes, including the recent launch of Te Mana Lamb, a DNA test to predict footrot in sheep, Sustainable Farming Fund celebration workshops and a trial underway to recharge the Gisborne aquifer. We also provide a Fieldays update.
  • Issue 37 – April [PDF, 1.1 MB]
    Topics include the first mussels harvested from SPATnz hatchery; the wrap up of the Whai Hua PGP programme; Sustainable Farming Fund celebration events; Central Plains Water Limited; spotlight on Lighter Wines; and leaf roller caterpillars and avocados.
  • Issue 36 – February [PDF, 2.4 MB]
    Topics include the Omega Lamb programme; Fonterra's plans to build a new mozzarella plant; new sheep milk calcium chews; completion of the Whai Hua programme; the official release of insects used for biocontrol of the tutsan weed; and managing erosion through the Hill Country Erosion Fund.

2016 issues

  • Issue 35 - December [PDF, 1.9 MB]
    Topics include the new Sheep – Horizon Three PGP programme; Fonterra’s recent announcement that it will be investing $240 million into a new mozzarella plant, and leveraging the success of the Transforming the Dairy Value Chain PGP programme.
  • Issue 34 - November [PDF, 2.7 MB]
    Topics include the PGP Annual Meeting, Food and Fibre Future Conference and PGP Expo; an event at the Christchurch A&P Show to celebrate the success of the Afforestation Grant Scheme to date and announce the results of the 2016 funding round; and improvements to the Erosion Control Funding Programme.
  • Issue 33 - October [PDF, 1.7 MB]
    Topics include the MPI Food and Fibre Conference; recognition of the work of 2 PGP programmes; the results of the Erosion Control Funding Programme round for 2016; the PGP Annual Meeting; the FoodPlus PGP programme; and a new web-based science teaching resource focused on where our food comes from.
  • Issue 32 - September [PDF, 1.6 MB]
    Topics include the first of 3 workshops themed ‘Shaping New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Future’; updates on the Sustainable Farming Fund, Afforestation Grant Scheme, Erosion Control Funding Programme and the Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Research Programme.
  • Issue 31 - August [PDF, 750 KB]
    Topics include the announcement of the new Sheep – Horizon Three PGP programme; updates on MPI’s Afforestation Grant Scheme, Erosion Control Fund and Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Research Programme; and Profiles of 2 PGP programmes that involve managing nutrients.
  • Issue 30 - July [PDF, 1.5 MB]
    Topics include a demonstration of New Zealand’s first tele-operated forest harvester under the Steepland Harvesting PGP programme; and Sustainable Farming Fund projects aimed at reducing the impacts of the Giant Willow Aphid and controlling the tomato potato psyllid.
  • Issue 29 - June [PDF, 1.8 MB]
    Topics include: our PGP presence at the 2016 National Fieldays; the close of the funding rounds for the Afforestation Grants Scheme and the Erosion Control Funding Programme; and PGP programme annual plans and the IAP’s and MPI’s focus on stronger reporting by programmes.
  • Issue 28 - May [PDF, 3 MB]
    Topics include a new environment planning tool, a demonstration of tools developed by the Clearview Innovations programme, the Maori Innovation Award winner, and a demonstration of PGP programmes. We also talk about other MPI investment programmes including the Sustainable Farming Fund, Irrigation Acceleration Fund and the Afforestation Grant Scheme.
  • Issue 27 - April [PDF, 978 KB]
    Topics include a profile of the Wool Unleashed (W3) programme, an April PGP workshop on collaboration to help extension activities, welcoming John Parker as the new Chair of the PGP's Investment Advisory Panel, saying farewell to Joanna Perry from the Panel, and some of her reflections on the PGP.
  • Issue 26 - March [PDF, 606 KB]
    Topics include the interim evaluation of the New Zealand Sheep Industry Transformation programme, the importance of commercialisation and we provide an update on the Whai Hua – New Dairy Products and Value Chains programme.
  • Issue 25 - February [PDF, 1.9 MB]
    Topics include the new Wool Unleashed (W3) PGP programme; the launch of the Tiaki fishing method by the Precision Seafood Harvesting programme; and we provide an update on the High Performance Manuka Plantations PGP programme.
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