Brown marmorated stink bug: requirements for sea containers from Italy

Brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) are a serious pest for agriculture and horticulture and can be a social nuisance. We don't want them in New Zealand. If you're importing sea containers from Italy, check the requirements that may apply to you. 

Containers must be treated for BMSB

Sea containers exported from Italy during the BMSB-risk season must meet BMSB requirements:

  • Containers (and their contents) must be treated with an MPI-approved treatment before they arrive in New Zealand.

Details of the requirements are in section 3.1 of the import health standard.

Import Health Standard: Sea Containers from All Countries [PDF, 320 KB] 

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BMSB-risk season – when the measures apply

The BMSB risk season begins on 1 September. The measures apply to any sea container which is exported from Italy on or after this date, and which will arrive in New Zealand before or on 30 April.

There is one exception to this rule: BMSB management is not required if a fully enclosed sea container is sealed before 1 September and then exported before 1 October of the same year. To use this exception, you will need to provide evidence of the container sealing. This is explained in the import health standard.  

Transshipping through another country for treatment or repacking on the way to New Zealand

Sea containers (and their contents) from Italy may be transhipped through other countries for repacking or treatment on the way to New Zealand. When this happens you will need to make sure Italy is listed as the country of origin, and the correct documents are submitted to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The import health standard has more information.

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