Using a system to import vehicles, machinery, and parts

You can use an MPI-approved system to make sure the vehicles and machinery you import to New Zealand meet our biosecurity requirements. Learn how to get a system approved or find one that’s already approved.

MPI-approved vehicle and machinery systems 

There are 2 types of MPI-approved system that importers can use to make sure vehicles and machinery meet our requirements in the Vehicles, Machinery and Parts Import Health Standard (IHS):

New vehicle and machinery systems

If you manufacture new vehicles and machinery, you can apply to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for approval of a new vehicle and machinery system.  This recognises your system's management of vehicles or machinery as meeting our biosecurity requirements.

Your system needs to have monitoring and processes that reduce the risk of biosecurity contamination throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

Apply for MPI approval of your system

To apply for approval of your system, complete the application form and send to 

Application for an MPI-approved new vehicle or machinery system – All countries [DOCX, 1.9 MB] 

新車 機械輸出用システム認証申請書 (Japanese translation) [DOCX, 1.7 MB]

When the manufacturing supply chain involves exportation in fully enclosed containers and indoor storage only:

MPI-approved system application for new vehicles, machinery, parts and tyres – All countries [DOCX, 92 KB]

Guidance is available to help you through the application process.

Guidance for an MPI-approved new vehicle and machinery system from all countries [PDF, 490 KB] 

Used vehicle and machinery systems

If you consistently import a lot of used vehicles and machinery, you can apply for an MPI-approved used vehicle and machinery system.

Your system may require certain treatments depending on the biosecurity contamination risk of the exporting country and times of the year.

We've got more guidance about MPI-Approved Used Vehicle and/or Machinery Systems. This includes information on the operation, expectations, and the approval process.

MPI Approved Used Vehicle and/or Machinery Systems from All Countries [PDF, 415 KB]

We've also got more forms and templates if you're importing vehicles, machinery, or parts. 

View the forms and templates

Apply for MPI approval of your system

If you or your organisation want to develop an MPI-approved system for used vehicles and machinery, contact MPI to discuss system requirements:



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