New Zealand participation in Codex

New Zealand actively participates in many Codex committees. Find out how you can contribute to Codex activities by attending meetings or reading the reports.

Representation on Codex committees

New Zealand attaches great importance to Codex work and participates actively across a range of committees and work areas. The major focus is to ensure that Codex standards are based on sound science and in line with the objectives of promoting fair trade practices. New Zealand achieves this by:

  • being the host country for the Codex Committees on Meat Hygiene, and Milk and Milk Products
  • leading the development of international standards in these important areas
  • being involved in inter-sessional working groups across various other committees and subject areas.

New Zealand consultation processes

MPI, as the lead agency, manages New Zealand involvement and participation in Codex and has well-established processes for consultation with stakeholders on Codex matters. MPI holds preparatory meetings in advance of international Codex committee meetings. These are open to all interested parties. The aim of the preparatory meetings is to:

  • share information
  • facilitate the development of policy positions that reflect New Zealand's strategic interests, based on input from all interested parties.

Getting working papers

You can obtain Codex documents and working papers on the Codex website.

If you require assistance, email MPI at

Attending meetings

Attending preparatory meetings

If you want to be included in MPI's consultation list for one or more subject areas, email us at

Details of upcoming preparatory meetings are:

  • posted on the New Zealand meetings page
  • emailed to interested parties.

New Zealand Codex meetings

Attending international Codex meetings

New Zealand delegations to Codex meetings are led by Government representatives from MPI. Non-governmental representatives can accompany the New Zealand delegation as observer members. The terms and conditions applying to participation by non-governmental members are set out in the following document.

Outcomes from meetings

MPI reports on the outcomes of Codex meetings and significant decisions. You can subscribe to get emails on this from MPI.

We also have a webpage with reports from recent meetings:

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