Environment & climate change research

Information about climate change research programmes – their funding and MPI's involvement.

Why we do research

MPI aims to understand climate change and how it affects farming systems, livestock management, crops, horticulture and forestry. We're also interested in how primary producers can adapt to a changing climate.

As part of our role as caretakers of the agricultural and forestry sectors, it is important:

  • we understand the work we and others are doing to mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • how it's affecting New Zealand's environment.

New Zealand is in a relatively unique position for an OECD country – more than 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the agricultural sector. We work constantly to understand how we can improve and mitigate our emissions while maintaining or increasing agricultural productivity.

Four main research programmes

1. Greenhouse gas inventory

We research into improving our national forestry and agriculture greenhouse gas inventory and reporting.

2. Sustainable land management and climate change

We research the impacts of, and adaptation to climate change, forestry and agriculture greenhouse gas mitigation – as well as cross-cutting issues, such as social science, adoption and practice change.

3. Methane, nitrous oxide and soil carbon, and farm systems mitigation in agriculture

This research through the New Zealand Agricultural Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) supports capability development and the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.

4. Agricultural greenhouse gas

Internationally coordinated research into finding ways to grow more food without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Other areas of focus

We partner with research organisations, other government departments and the sector to investigate a broad range of environmental and climate change concerns.

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