Fisheries databases: management documents

Documentation for our databases utilised for fisheries research.

Databases managed under contract

Fisheries New Zealand has a collection of databases that store fisheries information collected during or for fisheries research projects. These databases include information from:

  • fisheries observers
  • trawl surveys
  • market sampling.

The research databases are managed under contract by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). Each database is required to have associated documentation which includes:

  • a description of the purpose of the database
  • the sources of the data
  • a database description including an entity relational diagram (ERD)
  • table listings
  • business rules
  • a brief summary of the contents of the database.

Also included within the database collection are entries that contain data collected by Fisheries New Zealand which are also utilised for fisheries research projects.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

This database is managed directly by Fisheries New Zealand. The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) contains fisheries datasets such as electronic reporting, legacy catch effort, and monthly harvest returns that have been modelled for analysis and reporting. Over time, other fisheries datasets will be added.

EDW fisheries data dictionary documentation (2017) [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Who to contact

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