Adverse events with ACVMs

How to let us know about an adverse event, such as side effects or a product not working, when using an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine (ACVM).

Let us know if you have an adverse event

If things go wrong when you use an ACVM, let us know. Examples of adverse events are:

  • side effects or a reaction to a product
  • a product not working
  • detection of residues in food
  • human exposure to a product
  • a possible interaction with other products.

How to report an event

If you are an end user of a product such as a grower, farmer, veterinarian, or animal owner, you can report an adverse event by:

  • reporting it directly to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) by filling in a form
  • telling the product registrant or distributor – check for their contact details on the label. (Registrants must tell MPI about any adverse events reported to them).

To report an event directly to MPI

There are different reporting forms for different product types.

For the product you’ve used:

  • download the relevant reporting form and guideline below
  • use the guideline to help you fill out the form
  • email the completed form to

Adverse event forms and guidelines

For agricultural chemicals

For animal feeds 

For vertebrate toxic agents

For veterinary medicines

After you report an event to MPI

We'll send a copy of your report to the product registrant or distributor for immediate investigation. The registrant may contact you to discuss the issue.

The registrant then sends us an investigation report. We assess this and may also refer to scientific information. We’ll decide whether:

  • the product was used according to label directions
  • further investigation is required.

You will be advised of the outcome, including whether the adverse effects were likely to be related to the use of, or exposure to, the product. 

Actions we may take

We will decide if any regulatory action is required, such as:

  • additional label warning statements
  • product recalls
  • formulation or manufacturing process changes
  • education of product users
  • changes to the conditions of registration (such as restrictions on off-label use). 

In cases where there isn’t a clear link or there’s insufficient information to make a definite conclusion, we may take no action.

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