Agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines (ACVM) registers and lists

These regularly updated registers and lists may help if you're importing, making, selling, or using agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines (ACVM) in New Zealand.

Register of agricultural chemicals, veterinary medicine (ACVM) and vertebrate toxic agents (VTAs)

Search the register of veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals (ACVM) and vertebrate toxic agents (VTAs) to find out which products are registered and their conditions of use.

Consultants – registrations under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act

While not accredited by MPI, consultants may offer advice in self-identified areas of expertise.

Data assessors approved to provide ACVM data assessment reports

If you apply to register an ACVM, using an MPI-approved data assessor for your data assessment report.

Approved veterinary medicine and vertebrate toxic agent manufacturers list

Manufacturers of veterinary medicines and vertebrate toxic agents approved under the ACVM Act 1997.

Maximum residue levels (MRLs) for ACVM in food

New Zealand and other countries set maximum levels of ACVM residues that may be found in food, known as maximum residue levels, or limits (MRLs).

Restricted veterinary medicine (RVM) sellers list [PDF, 33 KB]

Sellers of restricted veterinary medicines (RVMs) must have an MPI-approved operating plan.

Animal feed additives "generally recognised as safe" (GRAS) register

The GRAS register for feed additives used in oral nutritional compounds has been revoked. Instead, the general fit for purpose regulation (Reg 7) applies.

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