Bringing cats and dogs to NZ on vessels

The only pets you can bring to New Zealand by boat are aquarium fish, cats and dogs. 

Specific requirements must be met

Cats and dogs arriving onboard vessels must meet specific biosecurity requirements. They must be secured onboard while docked at an approved port until they are given biosecurity clearance.

If your cat or dog does not meet the requirements or is ineligible to enter New Zealand, your animal must remain secured onboard the boat while the vessel is docked, and your animal will not be allowed to stay longer than 6 months.

Cats and dogs arriving on commercial vessels and cruise ships are subject to the same biosecurity requirements, and arrangements must be made with MPI to ensure animals are secured on board while the vessel is docked.

Find out more

For more details about the requirements refer to the import health standard (IHS) and guidance document.

Download the IHS for Cats and Dogs [PDF, 282 KB]

Download the Guidance Document for Cats and Dogs [PDF, 520 KB]


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