Cats and dogs in transit

Some restrictions apply to cats and dogs transiting through New Zealand or who arrive onboard vessels.

Cats and dogs must be from approved countries

Cats and dogs can only transit through New Zealand if they're from approved countries. A list of approved countries is in the guidance document for cats and dogs.

Guidance document for cats and dogs [PDF, 520 KB]

A transit permit may be needed

If your cat or dog is staying on the same aircraft in New Zealand and won't be staying longer than 6 hours, then a transit permit isn't needed.

If your cat or dog is changing aircraft or will be in transit for more than 6 hours, it will need:

  • a transit permit
  • a microchip
  • flea and tick prevention
  • rabies prevention (unless from a country recognised as rabies free in the guidance document)

Dogs will also need heartworm prevention.

You can apply for a transit permit through our online permit application system.

Animal and plant import permits (APIPS)

Other requirements

Additionally, all dogs and cats transiting for 6 hours or more (up to a maximum of 48 hours) need to have:

  • a reservation at an MPI-approved quarantine facility.
  • internal parasite prevention effective against tapeworms and nematodes.

Apply for a permit using the online import permit application system (APIPS).

Animal and plant import permits (APIPS)

When transit times exceed 48 hours

Should transit time exceed 48 hours, your cat or dog will be treated as a rejected consignment unless eligible for import into New Zealand.

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