4. Register for E-cert for pet food exports

Register to use E-cert to track your export pet food from the time it's produced until it's exported. This is one of 5 steps for exporting pet food.

About E-cert

Animal products E-cert is what we use to issue official government assurances for animal products, including pet food, that are exported from New Zealand.

At each step of the production process, operators need to add information to E-cert. At the end of the process, the exporter uses E-cert to apply for official assurance or an export certificate.

It is mandatory to use E-cert for some markets and strongly recommended for all others.

E-cert is password protected and new exporters and operators need to apply for access.

How to register

To use E-cert, your company must be one of the following:

  • a registered exporter under the Animal Products Act 1999
  • a business with a registered Risk Management Programme
  • an export-approved premise
  • acting as an agent for another company that is registered as one of the above.

You need to get company access first, then add access for individuals.

Find out more

Get help

If you need help with a pet food export, contact MPI's exporter help team.

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