Labelling requirements for irradiated food

Your label must say if the food or any ingredient has been treated with ionising radiation. If your irradiated food product does not need a label, you must show this information near where customers buy your food.

Labelling of irradiated food

Food treated with ionising radiation to kill unwanted pests, bacteria, or fungi is known as irradiated food.

Only approved foods can be irradiated before they are sold. The list of these foods and other regulatory requirements are in Standard 1.5.3 of the Food Standards Code.

Standard 1.5.3 – Irradiation of food

If food you sell has been irradiated, the label must declare this. If your food does not require a label, a statement saying the food has been irradiated must be displayed on or close to the food.

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Labelling requirements for irradiated foods [PDF, 192 KB]

Labelling requirements for irradiated foods – Chinese language version [PDF, 882 KB]

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