Update or change a risk management programme (RMP)

Find out how to amend your risk management programme (RMP) if you need to change something.

Maintaining and amending an RMP

You must amend (update) your RMP when needed – and apply to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) if there are "significant amendments".

If you stop operating completely, there is a different process to follow.

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Amending your risk management programme

If you amend your risk management programme (RMP) for any reason, the amendment will either be a:

  • minor amendment
  • significant amendment.

See sections 7.6 and 8.4 of the RMP manual to find out how to make an amendment.

Risk management programme manual for animal product processing [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Getting advice about amendments

You can consult your verifier, a recognised evaluator, or a technical expert for advice. The RMP manual also has information.

If you're planning to export your product, we recommend you discuss any proposed amendments with your verifier. They can help identify any market access issues.

Minor amendments to an RMP

Minor amendments include changes to:

  • operator, or operator name (use form AP5)
  • registration details (use form AP50)
  • day-to-day manager of an RMP (use form AP50)
  • recognised agency (use form AP60)

In the special circumstances of death, bankruptcy, receivership, or liquidation of an operator of an RMP, a new one must be registered. Use form AP55 for this.

Application form AP5 – Registration of risk management programme under new operator [PDF, 761 KB]

Application form AP50 – Minor update to risk management programme details [PDF, 971 KB]

Application form AP55 – Registration of risk management programme: Special circumstances [PDF, 951 KB]

Notification form AP60 – Change of recognised agency for verification purposes [PDF, 781 KB]

Significant amendments to an RMP

A change to your RMP is likely to be a significant amendment if the change either:

  • introduces new risk factors, or
  • may adversely impact on existing risk factors.

Appendix G of the RMP manual has guidance on how to determine whether an amendment is minor or significant.

Once you've determined that the amendment you want to make is significant, use the AP6 form to register the amendment with MPI.

Application form AP6 – Registration of amendment to risk management programme [PDF, 533 KB]

Include with the form:

  • the entire RMP – with the changes clearly identified, or
  • the outline of the RMP – with the changes clearly identified, and
  • the evaluation report confirming the validity of the RMP.

The process for registering a significant amendment is the same as for initial registration of the RMP.

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Evaluating significant RMP amendments

If a significant amendment is made to your RMP, it must be submitted for evaluation and registration. The evaluation must involve all parts of the RMP that are affected by the amendment. The level of re-evaluation needed will depend on how big the change you want to make is.

You should update the RMP to include all new systems and procedures necessary to operate the amendment, and ensure that personnel are aware of the changes and know what to do.

When the amendment is considered acceptable, the evaluator will prepare an evaluation report.

Who to contact

If you have questions about RMPs, email info@mpi.govt.nz 

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