Fees and charges: wine industry applications and registrations

The Wine Act 2003 and Wine Regulations 2006 say we must recover costs for services to the wine industry. These are the fees for our services, such as registering or changing a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP), inspections, and verification.

Why we charge the wine industry

We recover costs from the wine industry for essential services we provide for the domestic and export wine sectors, including:

  • maintaining standards
  • ensuring compliance
  • ensuring New Zealand wine meets international standards
  • helping our wine industry gain market access overseas.

These services and programmes ensure that all New Zealand wine meets domestic and international requirements.

Where to find fees and charges

Fees and charges, including GST, are listed on application forms and other relevant documents. In some cases, as well as a flat charge, you may need to pay an hourly rate for assessment or verification.

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Wine industry-only charges

All costs incurred by MPI are recovered under sections 84 and 85 of the Wine Act and Regulation 15 of the Wine Regulations 2006.

The following charges are specific to wine businesses:

  • registration and verification of your Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP)
  • making an amendment to your WSMP
  • registration as an exporter of non-New Zealand grape wine.

Wine application, inspection, verification and change fees


Charge (incl GST)

Application to register a wine standards management plan (WSMP)


Application to register a change to a WSMP


Application to register a change of operator for a WSMP


Application to register a WSMP in special circumstances


Change of recognised agency for verification purposes


Notification to exempt small winemaker from WSMP


Apply to register as a wine exporter
(only if you export fruit or vegetable wine, cider, mead or non-NZ grape wine)


Registering as a user of Wine E-Cert & amending your Wine E-Cert user access details (New Zealand grape wine exporters only)

No charge

Application to become a recognised person or agency under the Wine Act


All fees are based on a charge of $155.25 an hour for MPI's services. The above fees are based on how long it usually takes MPI to process this type of request. For example, when you apply to register as an importer, you're prepaying for one-and-a-half hours of MPI's time. If it takes longer than that, we'll charge you at $155.25 an hour for each extra hour.

Inspection and verification charges

Charge (incl GST)

Inspection or other compliance activities carried out by a wine officer

$155.25 (an hour)

Verification and audit by the Ministry

$155.25 (an hour)

Fees in Schedule 1 of the Wine Regulations 2006

Rebates for laboratory testing of wine

Previously MPI provided rebates to wine exporters for laboratory testing of wine, paid for by Crown funding. Since 1 July 2015, these rebates are no longer available.

Becoming a verifier, recognised agency or laboratory

If you want to undertake wine verification or testing, you need to pay application fees to:


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