Changing your wine standards management plan

If you want to change your wine standards management plan (WSMP), you must tell MPI about the change using the correct form.

Making changes to your WSMP

If you want to make a change to your WSMP you need to decide whether the change is a significant or minor amendment.

  • For significant amendments, you must apply to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to register the change.
  • For minor amendments, you must notify MPI.

Both types of changes require you to complete and submit relevant forms.

If you are unsure whether the amendment to your WSMP is significant or minor, contact your verifier for advice.

Significant changes to WSMPs

An amendment is significant if the change means that your plan:

  • is no longer appropriate to the wine, processes, premises, or place covered by the plan
  • impacts on whether the wine is fit for its intended purpose
  • affects the content of the WSMP.

You must apply to MPI to register a significant amendment to your WSMP.

Forms to use for significant WSMP changes

Apply to register a significant amendment to your WSMP by completing the relevant application form. The form you need to complete, and any associated fees and charges, depends on the type of amendment.

Change of operator (winery name)

Application form WA5: Registration of wine standards management plan under new operator [PDF, 677 KB]

Change of recognised agency that verifies your WSMP

Notification form WA9: Change of recognised agency for verification purposes [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Other significant WSMP changes

Use application form WA6 for other significant amendments:

  • change to business name
  • change of premises (for example, your physical or site address)
  • extension of boundary (new buildings or adjacent land) from existing WSMP site plan – unless you can give a hazard-based justification as to why the extension should be considered minor
  • change to processes as registered in your plan, such as:
    • receipt of grapes or fruit – owned or purchased
    • receipt of juice, wine, fruit wine, concentrate, cider, or mead – owned or purchased
    • winemaking
    • bottling/packing
    • labelling
    • storage
  • change of WSMP template type from fruit wine, cider, and mead to grape wine template
  • adding a new site to a WSMP that covers multiple sites
  • adding a new business to a WSMP that covers multiple businesses
  • changing from following an approved COP to an alternative programme, which requires independent evaluation.

Application form WA6: Registration of significant amendments to a WSMP [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Minor changes to WSMPs

If you make a minor amendment to a registered WSMP, you must:

  • amend the plan
  • notify MPI by completing notification form WA12.

WA12: Minor update to a WSMP [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Examples of minor amendments

Minor amendments include changing:

  • postal address, contact details, or registered company address
  • WSMP trading name (not change of operator)
  • WSMP manager name
  • WSMP template type
  • types of wine or product made – for example, from still wine to sparkling wine, fortified wine, wine product, or wine-based liqueur
  • WSMP template type from grape wine to fruit wine, cider, and mead template.

Other types of minor amendments are:

  • suspending or surrendering your WSMP
  • removing a site from a WSMP that covers multiple sites
  • removing a business from a WSMP that covers multiple businesses
  • reduction in the boundary of your site.

Stopping wine operations

MPI can suspend any or all of your winemaking operations for a period of up to 3 months if we have grounds to believe:

  • the WSMP is no longer effective
  • the wine made under the WSMP no longer meets requirements of the Wine Act 2003.

De-registering a WSMP

MPI can deregister your WSMP if we are satisfied that:

  • there has been a serious failure of operations under the plan to an extent that the wine is longer fit for purpose
  • other changes in operations under the plan has resulted in wine made that is longer fit for purpose
  • the operator of a plan is not longer a fit and proper person to operate or be responsible for the wine business.

Who to contact

If you have questions about WSMPs, email

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