Custom Food Control Plans

Manufacturers of high-risk foods or businesses which need multiple Food Act registrations will need a custom Food Control Plan (FCP) and register it with MPI. Other businesses can also choose this type of plan to personalise the way they manage food safety. We've created step-by-step processes so you can see what's involved. 

What is a custom FCP?

A FCP is a comprehensive plan for managing food safety. You will need to:

  • develop your plan or download it from My Food Rules
  • have it evaluated (if required)
  • register it with MPI, and renew your registration each year
  • get checked by a verifier (auditor)
  • follow your plan to make safe food.

Use the My Food Rules tool to find out if your business needs to follow a FCP. You will get a customised plan at the end of the tool which will outline the requirements and the next steps that you need to follow for you and your business under the Food Act.

Types of custom FCPs

New Zealand Food Safety provides the following custom FCPs:

  1. My Food Plan. Available only through My Food Rules, it is a combination of pre-evaluated Simply Safe & Suitable, Food Safety Template for Winemakers and National Programme 1 that a business can use. My Food Plan has already been evaluated, which saves you time and money.

Steps to a My Food Plan

  1. Standard custom FCP. This is a plan you develop to suit your business. In the plan, you need to identify the food safety risks involved in what you do, and show how you will manage these. The plan will need to be evaluated.

Guide to help develop your Custom Food Control Plan [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Steps to a standard Custom Food Control Plan

Who to contact

If you have questions about FCPs, email

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