Changing your custom food control plan

If your food business changes, you may need to change your custom food control plan (FCP). Find out about the different change categories and what you need to do.

Why you may need to change your custom FCP

Food businesses that change what they do, may need to change their custom food control plans (FCPs). Sometimes the changes need significant amendments to a plan. Those amendments may need to evaluated and registered. Examples are:

  • if you start using new processes or making types of food that are not covered by your plan
  • if your business changes ownership or shuts down.

We categorise the changes based on risk

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has 4 change categories. These are based on food safety risks. The categories are:

  1. significant amendments that require evaluation
  2. significant amendments – no evaluation needed
  3. minor amendments
  4. changes that must be notified.


What category to use if you're changing a business address

Let’s say you want to change the address of your food business. You want to relocate your manufacturing operation to a new site or address. That would be considered a significant amendment requiring evaluation or an interview. That's because the change poses higher food safety risks.

But it would be different if you were wanting to change the address of your retail shop. Your retail shop is not a manufacturing location. Because the change poses minimal food safety risks, it does not need an evaluation or an interview.

Who to contact

If you have any questions or are unsure, email

Custom FCP amendment categories

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