Steps to a My Food Plan

This plan is only available through My Food Rules.  A ‘My Food Plan’ is composed of pre-evaluated material to help food businesses manage food safety and suitability. Food businesses will need to register their My Food Plan with MPI. We've created a step-by-step process so you can see what's involved.

What is a My Food Plan?

My Food Plan outlines procedures to help food businesses make safe and suitable food and drink. The plan can be tailored to reflect the type of food and drink a business makes and enable management of any common food safety risks. My Food Plan has already been evaluated, which saves you time and money. 

You don’t have to use a My Food Plan.  The choice is yours. If you choose not to use My Food Plan, you will need to either create your own custom Food Control Plan, or register other plans individually. 

You can get your tailored My Food Plan through the My Food Rules tool.

Who can use a My Food Plan?

We've put together some examples of business types that can use a My Food Plan:

  • A meat packer. Ted buys bulk meat from local farmers after the animals were slaughtered at a registered abattoir. Once Ted has packed the meat, it’s stored in his chillers and is purchased by restaurants.
  • Vegan cheese maker. Valarie has been perfecting her vegan cheese and mayonnaise recipes for a number of years and has decided to start wholesaling her products to different retail stores nationwide.
  • Gelato maker. Garry makes gelato and currently sells directly to customers. He wants to sell tubs of his gelato to local supermarkets and stores.
  • Milk producer. Molly has been making her own almond and oat milk for years. She has decided to open a business where she will sell bottled nut, seed, and oat milks to the public.
  • Seafood smoker. Sam has a fish smoker and has decided to offer smoker services to other businesses. The seafood is processed prior to arriving at his premises and he will smoke the fish, pack it into bins, and then distribute it back to the businesses.

Who to contact

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