Finding a transitional facility

Goods, sea containers and air containers arriving in New Zealand must first go to a transitional facility approved by MPI. Find out if you need a transitional facility, where they are located, and what you need to do to move goods between facilities.

How to find a transitional facility

MPI has a list of approved transitional facilities. Most facilities are approved only for certain commodities, and only a few can deal with all types of products.

Transferring your goods to another transitional facility

If you move biosecurity-risk goods between facilities, including to a containment facility, you need to submit a transfer form to MPI.

Find a treatment supplier

If your goods require treatment, you need to arrange to have this done by an MPI-approved treatment supplier.

Find treatment options and suppliers

PEQ approved treatment adviser

Facility nameLocationContact details
Plant Diagnostics Ltd 185 Kirk Road
PO Box 23122
Christchurch 8445
Mark Braithwaite
Phone: 03 377 9026

Find an approved pest identifier

If pests are found in your goods, you may need to arrange to have them identified by an MPI-approved pest identifier, normally at your cost. Post-entry quarantine samples must be sent to MPI's Plant Health and Environment Laboratory (Tamaki) for pest identification.

Pest identification service suppliers [PDF, 192 KB]

Who to contact

If you need to contact MPI about transitional and containment facilities:

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