Hazard data sheets

Hazard data sheets for microorganisms and chemicals help control foodborne illness and support food safety procedures within the industry.

About hazard data sheets

Hazard data sheets comprise:

  • pathogen data sheets
  • chemical information sheets
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) hazard information.

Pathogen data sheets and the FSANZ hazard information describe:

  • microbial pathogens
  • conditions that support or prevent their growth
  • the means to control them and the illnesses they cause. 

Chemical information sheets provide scientific information about the safety of chemicals in food. They describe the compounds, their sources and potential health effects. They also estimate the likelihood of dietary exposure to the chemicals, how safe they are and what safety or regulatory limits should be considered.

Preparation of hazard data sheets

Pathogen data sheets and chemical information sheets are prepared for MPI by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR) and are updated when significant new scientific information becomes available. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) also prepares pathogen information sheets.

How hazard data sheets are used

Food industry associations, food businesses and food safety consultants use this information to help understand the hazards they need to control in their, or their client's, food processes. The hazard data sheets provide essential information for businesses developing programmes based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

The information is also useful to regulators when developing requirements for risk-based food control programmes and for approved auditors when assessing the safety of food processes.

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