Regulatory stewardship

Regulatory stewardship is a statutory obligation for all government departments – including MPI. Learn more about our stewardship obligations and download a copy of our strategy.

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MPI's regulatory stewardship strategy

Our regulatory stewardship strategy outlines how we act as the stewards of our regulatory systems and provides information on the systems and processes we have in place to manage the regulatory regimes we administer.

The strategy sets out:

  • how we gather and use information to improve our systems
  • our organisational approaches to support and enhance our stewardship
  • our judgements on the fitness for purpose of these systems
  • the issues faced by the systems
  • what we're doing, including our current regulatory priorities
  • upcoming opportunities for consultation.

Download MPI's regulatory stewardship strategy [PDF, 1.2 MB]

52 Acts – 6 regulatory systems

MPI administer 52 Acts of Parliament as well as the associated regulations, notices, standards and orders. We organise these Acts of Parliament into 6 regulatory systems:

  • food safety
  • biosecurity
  • animal welfare
  • fisheries management
  • forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme
  • enabling primary sectors.

Our regulatory objectives

Our regulatory systems are in place to:

  • seize export opportunities for New Zealand's primary industries
  • improve sector productivity and value
  • increase sustainable resource use
  • protect New Zealand from biological risk
  • appropriately manage animal welfare
  • protect consumers by requiring that food for sale is safe and suitable

The systems, and how we operate them, significantly affect New Zealand's reputation as a producer of primary products. They're major tools to help achieve the Government's priorities and they support our organisational purpose of 'growing and protecting' New Zealand.

Our regulatory stewardship model

We aim to have regulatory systems that are well designed, well understood, well operated, and fit for purpose.

Our delivery of these systems helps us to understand and improve them, and in turn enhance our delivery. We support our stewardship by being a cohesive and connected organisation, by putting our customers at the centre, and by pursuing continuous improvement.

Publication of regulatory stewardship strategies

Starting in 2016, MPI is one of 7 major government departments required to publish a regulatory stewardship strategy.

This requirement is intended to improve regulatory systems by increasing engagement between departments and their stakeholders, and by encouraging departments to think practically about how they can meet their regulatory stewardship obligations.

Find out more on the Treasury website

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