Authorisation of an agricultural chemical in special circumstances

Find out what situations qualify as a special circumstance and how to apply for authorisation.

Situations that are special circumstances

Most agricultural chemicals are authorised through registration. However, a product may sometimes be authorised under special circumstances if:

  • there is no suitable equivalent product in New Zealand
  • you want to do research or testing on an agricultural chemical that is not a trade name product (TNP)
  • it will be used under an operating plan that the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) approves.

How to get authorisation

Detailed information on getting authorisation under special circumstances is available in our guidance document.

When there is no suitable product in New Zealand

If there is no suitable authorised product in New Zealand, under special circumstances the Director-General of MPI may allow the import, manufacture, sale, or use of unauthorised agricultural chemicals without registration.

Download and complete the Special circumstances: Import approval request form and send to us along with any other required information. Section 4 of the Guidance document: Special circumstances approval tells you what other information you need to provide.

To do research on non-trade name products

You need approval in special circumstances if you want to do research or testing on an agricultural chemical that is not a TNP.

For research approval, you need to fill out the application form (product data sheet) and send it to us with all the required information. Research approval in New Zealand will help you through the process and tell you what information to provide.

To use a product under an approved operating plan

Some agricultural chemicals may be authorised for use in special circumstances if the Director-General of MPI approves an operating plan (a document that describes the types of activities that you'll be carrying out, and how you'll control them). For example, a substance may be needed to manage an exotic disease or organism that is threatening New Zealand.

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