Provisional registration of a VTA

How to get provisional registration of a vertebrate toxic agent (VTA).

What provisional registration is

Provisional registration authorises trial work with an intended trade name product (TNP). This may be to:

  • get more information on that product (for example, about its efficacy or safety) and determine whether it should be registered in New Zealand, or
  • do general research or trials to register the product in another country.

You can only use these products for the purposes in the provisional registration. You're not allowed to market them. 

Provisional registration is necessary for trial work on VTAs that

  • aren't registered, or
  • are registered for a different purpose or use, and off-label use is prohibited by its registration conditions.

Products that can be provisionally registered

Provisional registration can be issued only for intended trade name products (TNPs).

A TNP is a product that is identified and packaged under a trade name for specific use/s. An intended TNP must be:

  • intended for marketing under a particular trade name
  • in the same formulation that will be used in a future application to register it
  • packaged or have/will have packaging specifications for marketing it in New Zealand.

To do trial work on an agricultural compound that is not a TNP, you need approval in special circumstances (research approval) – not provisional registration.

How to provisionally register your product

To apply for provisional registration of your VTA, fill out the application form (product data sheet) and send it to us along with all the required information. Provisional registration in New Zealand will help you through the process and tell you what information you need to provide.

If you think some of the required information may not be necessary in your case, read:

Get help from a consultant

If you are unsure of how to provisionally register your product, consider hiring a consultant to help you. As the regulatory body, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) can't provide consultation through the registration process. Listed consultants, are not MPI-endorsed. They nominate their own areas of expertise. Check the key to areas of expertise at the bottom of the consultants list.

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