Tomatoes (loose) to Australia – extra requirements

You may need to comply with extra phytosanitary (plant health) requirements if you're exporting fresh, loose tomatoes for human consumption to Australia. These may include activities by the growers, packers, storage facility operators, and exporters.

Follow the steps

1. Refer to the steps for exporting fresh fruit.

As well as the extra requirements on this page, you must also follow the process that applies to all fresh fruit exported from New Zealand.

2. Contact an Independent Verification Agency (IVA).

You need to use an MPI-authorised Independent Verification Agency (IVA), which can advise you about meeting your compliance requirements, like documentation, tests, or treatments. Fees may apply.

3. Comply with the phytosanitary requirements for your product.

You have two options for meeting Australia's phytosanitary requirements for loose tomatoes. You can either operate under the loose tomatoes to Australia OAP (Official Assurance Programme). Or, if you decide not use an OAP, you can still export provided other phytosanitary requirements are met. These are set out under Australia's ICPR (Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements).

OAP option

To operate under the programme, you must comply with the OAP for exporting loose tomatoes to Australia.

Official agreements between New Zealand and some export markets aim to make exporting easier or are needed to enable exports. The requirements are set out in OAPs or pre-clearance programmes.

Only registered programme participants and IVAs can access the password-protected OAP documents.

To access these documents, you will first need to select the document you wish to view, and then sign in to RealMe.

The production sites, packhouses, and exporters eligible to export to Australia are listed in the register.

ICPR option

You can read the requirements for this option in the document 'Importing Phytosanitary Requirements – Australia'.

4. Register with the Off-shore Pre-shipment Inspection (OPI) programme (optional)

If you wish to export tomatoes to Australia under the voluntary Offshore Pre-shipment Inspection (OPI) programme, you must follow the workplan.

The OPI programme allows for phytosanitary inspections to be done in New Zealand by the Australian Department of Agriculture. It provides more certainty for exporters, as the inspection of the product occurs in New Zealand rather than in Australia. This should result in faster clearance times on arrival.

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