Steps to exporting for exporting fruit wine, cider and mead

All exporters of fruit wine, cider, mead, wine products, and non-New Zealand grape wine must register with MPI. We've created a step-by-step process so you can see what's involved.

When to alert MPI

As an exporter you're responsible for telling MPI within 24 hours if your wine for export:

  • becomes unfit for its intended purpose
  • is refused entry by a foreign government
  • doesn't have the required export documents – for example, if they've been removed or lost. 

Who to contact

If you need to contact MPI about exporting fruit wine, cider, or mead, email

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Step 1
What you need to know

An overview of exporting requirements.

Products included in this process

This export process covers:

  • fruit wine, other than New Zealand grape wine
  • cider
  • mead
  • blends of wine made with grapes that aren't grown solely in New Zealand
  • wine products.

The process for exporting New Zealand grape wine is different.

Exporter requirements

To export fruit wine, cider, mead, wine products, and non-New Zealand grape wine you must:

  • register as an exporter with MPI
  • ensure your wine and products meet New Zealand food safety standards, including labelling
  • let MPI know if you have any non-compliance or market access issues.

MPI has no export certification requirements, and to date no destination countries have required an official assurance for any of these products. However, some export markets may seek a free sale certificate (FSC) to confirm that a product complies with New Zealand standards. 

Note that MPI can't issue any certification for products that aren't made in New Zealand, like blends containing non-New Zealand wines.

Exporting organic wine and related products

If you export organic products, you may also need to register as an organic exporter, depending on your destination markets.

Read about exporting organic products under the Official Organic Assurance Programme

Other documentation

If you need any additional documentation for your product, email

Step 2
What you need to do

The tasks you need to complete.

Register as an exporter or use the services of a registered exporter

If you're exporting commercially, you must register with MPI or use the services of a registered exporter. Exporter registration can be done online, or by completing a printed form.

If you have questions about registering as an exporter, email

Non-commercial exporters don't usually have to register

If the purpose of your export is non-commercial, you don't have to register as an exporter or use the services of a registered exporter unless requested by your shipper (airline or shipping company).

Step 3
Getting your export documentation

How you know you've met MPI requirements.

You're ready to export when you're registered with MPI as a wine exporter.

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