Wine export non-conformance

If there's a problem with your wine export after it's left New Zealand, you must tell MPI as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours of finding out about the problem.

The duties of exporters

As an exporter, you have duties to ensure compliance with Wine Act 2003 requirements. If your wine export is stopped at the border or no longer meets export requirements, you must tell MPI as soon as possible. We will advise what action to take, and we may be able to help to resolve the problem.

Exporters must ensure that only wine that has been approved and listed on the export eligibility statement is loaded into the shipping container. This is the document that enables customs clearance in New Zealand.

What you must do

You must tell MPI within 24 hours if your wine for export:

  • becomes unfit for purpose
  • is refused entry by a foreign government
  • fails to meet relevant Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs)
  • doesn't have the required export documents – they are removed or lost.

How to report non-conformances to MPI

Send us details of the non-conformance, including:

  • the date it was identified
  • the destination country and location of the wine
  • why it doesn't comply
  • wine details (including quantity, volume, type)
  • what you've done about it.

Email your report to

Help with non-conformance issues

In some cases, MPI may be able to help you resolve market access issues. MPI can help only if you have notified the non-conformance and provided all the relevant details.

Get a replacement export certificate

If your products have been refused entry at the border due to export certificate errors, and you need a replacement certificate or additional official assurance, you must:

  • report the export non-conformance
  • follow the certificate replacement process outlined in the Wine E-Cert guide 'Consignment requirements and export documentation' (you can find this in Wine E-Cert).

Contact MPI about getting a replacement certificate by emailing

Bringing exports back into NZ

If you are bringing your wine back into New Zealand, notify MPI by emailing details to

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