Fees and charges for exporting organics

You'll be charged for services provided by MPI and other service providers when you're exporting organics.

You'll find MPI fees and charges (inclusive of GST) on application forms and other relevant documents. The services you need to pay for include:

  • registering as an organic exporter
  • export eligibility certificates
  • programme implementation.

All fees and charges you pay to MPI are calculated on a cost-recovery basis. You will also need to pay for services provided by third party agencies.

The programme implementation fee covers programme development, implementation and administration of the assurance programme. The amount of the fee is based on the value of your exports.

MPI invoices exporters for the programme implementation fee twice every year.

 Charge typeTotal – GST incl.
Application for registration as an organic exporter (Annual Fee-under Official Organic Assurance Programme).
Organic exporter registration form [DOC, 452 KB]
Fixed charge $155.25
Programme implementation fee.

This fee covers programme development, implementation and administration. The total cost of this programme is recovered from registered organic exporters.

The fee is based on the total Free On Board (FOB) value of exports during the financial year (1 July to 30 June) It is calculated by dividing the programme costs by the total exporter FOB estimates. Each exporter pays a fee directly proportional to FOB value of their organic exports for the period. The calculations happen in January and May.
Organic export consignment registrations and certificates (when required)
OOAP export certificate request/consignment declaration [XLS, 253 KB]

Per consignment

$46.00 (for EU)
$46.00 (for Japan)
$46.00 (for Switzerland)
$17.25 (for Taiwan)
$17.25 (for USA)

Export certificates for organic product exported to Taiwan are issued by MPI Accredited Third Party Agency (TPA).
Organics third party agency register

Who to contact

If you need to clarify costs with MPI, email info@mpi.govt.nz.

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