Poultry and egg processing introduction

A summary of the legal requirements for poultry and egg producers and processors.

Requirements for poultry and eggs

Poultry farmers and egg producers must comply with the:

  • Animal Products Act 1999
  • Animal Welfare Act 1999
  • Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997.

Farmers must also operate under a Whole Flock Health Scheme

Primary poultry processors

Primary poultry processors (those who slaughter and dress poultry) must operate under the Animal Products Act 1999.

Primary poultry processing (slaughter and dressing) food safety

Secondary poultry processors

Secondary poultry processors (those who process poultry meat beyond slaughter and dressing) exporting with an official assurance must have a registered risk management programme (RMP) under the Animal Products Act 1999.

If they're supplying the New Zealand market only, they can operate under either a registered RMP, or a food control plan (FCP) under the Food Act 2014.

Secondary poultry processing (after slaughter and dressing) food safety

Other requirements

All poultry and egg products intended for human consumption must also comply with Chapter 1 and Parts 2.2.1 (for meat) of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – FSANZ

Producers and processors must also take part in monitoring programmes.

Monitoring, surveillance, and testing of meat and animal products

Exporters of eggs and poultry meat

You'll need to meet export requirements.

Exporting poultry meat

Exporting eggs

Fees and charges

We recover costs from the poultry and egg industry for essential services we provide, including registration, maintaining standards, and ensuring compliance.

Fees and charges overview

Risk management programme fees and charges

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