Verifying your wine standards management plan

A recognised person or agency must regularly check winemakers are following their wine standards management plan (WSMP). This is called verification. Find out what this involves and how often it needs to happen.

What is verification of WSMPs?

Verification checks that winemaking and bottling businesses are following the requirements of the Wine Act 2003. Verifiers do this by assessing whether operators are following:

  • their registered WSMPs
  • any applicable export requirements.

The purpose of verification is to:

  • confirm you are meeting the Wine Act requirements relevant to your operations
  • determine if you will be able to meet these requirements between the current and the next verification.

How often are WSMPs verified?

You must get your WSMP verified within 6 months of registration, or before your first export (whichever is first). MPI will set an anniversary date based upon your first verification. After that, you must have a verification completed within 12 months if making wine intended for export.

Verification frequency may be reduced if you are making wine exclusively for domestic sale, subject to verification outcomes and verifier recommendation.

Your verifier will let you know if your schedule will change, based on the verification results.

Frequency of verifying WSMPs: Notice of direction under Section 57(1) of the Wine Act 2003 [PDF, 32 KB]

What Wine Act verifiers do

Verification under the Wine Act is systems-based. The focus is on your systems and processes, rather than on inspection. The verifier will:

  • examine your systems and processes
  • confirm that all wine you have made complies with Wine Act requirements.

Verifying a wine standards management plan: What verifiers do

What winemakers need to do

If you operate under a WSMP, you need to:

  • enter into a contract with your preferred verifier before you register your WSMP
  • give your chosen verifier access to relevant information during the verification visit
  • ensure your WSMP is verified before the annual deadline.

Find a recognised WSMP verifier

Verification can only be performed by a person who has been recognised under the Wine Act. Verifiers must also be employed or engaged by an agency recognised under the Wine Act.

List of agencies recognised as wine standards management plan (WSMP) verifiers

Who to contact

If you have questions about verifying your WSMP, email

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