Vessel or craft infringement offences

Find out about instant fines relating to craft or vessels.

Offending may mean you are fined 

Biosecurity New Zealand has categorised 2 offences relating to craft (vessels) under the Biosecurity Act 1993 as strict liability infringement offences. That means if you commit either of these offences you may get an instant fine.

The 2 offences you may be fined for are:

  •  failing to provide notice of a craft’s intended arrival in New Zealand
  •  failing to make a declaration setting out the steps taken to comply with the Craft Risk Management Standard for Vessels.

To check requirements, refer to:

The Craft Risk Management Standard: Vessels [PDF, 753 KB]

Arrival process steps

How much is the fine?

The penalty for both offences is an infringement fee (instant fine) of:

  • $400 for an individual (usually the person in charge of the vessel)
  • $800 for a corporation (for example, a company).

You don't get a criminal conviction.

What to do if you get an infringement notice

You can:

  • pay your fine
  • request withdrawal or a waiver
  • request a court hearing.

Find out more about your options, including how to pay a fine

What you need to know about your vessel biosecurity infringement/fine – FAQ [PDF, 314 KB]

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