Fees and charges for vessels arriving in New Zealand

Operators will be charged for some services provided by MPI and other service providers when their vessels arrive in New Zealand.

Clearance costs largely Crown-funded

The New Zealand Government covers most costs relating to vessels, including private yachts, coming into New Zealand at approved places of first arrival.

However, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) will recover costs for inspection and biosecurity clearance of vessels that:

  • are not berthed at a wharf
  • arrive at a location that is not an approved place of first arrival
  • have severe hull fouling and treatment is needed
  • have animals remaining on board that need regular surveillance checks.

Specific types of costs

Inspectors’ time and travel expenses will be charged when dealing with vessels with suspected risks such as infestation by pests like certain beetle, moth species or termites.

Vessel operators may also need to pay fees to other agencies or pay providers for services such as waste disposal, fumigation, biofouling dive inspections (if severe risk suspected), and hold cleanliness inspection before loading grain or bulk inorganic fertiliser.


The costs of delays and any other costs resulting from interventions associated with ballast water or biofouling requirements, pests or contaminants or other risks  – found or suspected – are the responsibility of the owner and/or charterer.

Inspection of animals on board a vessel

Inspection of an animal that is on board a vessel and is not intended to be cleared will be charged at:

  • $102.27 an hour (excluding GST) for each general inspector involved ($117.61 including GST)
  • $186.30 an hour (excluding GST) for each veterinary inspector involved ($214.25 including GST).

Charges may include travel and waiting times, and extra for after-hours callouts.  

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Who to contact

If you need to clarify costs, email vessels@mpi.govt.nz.

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