2014 meeting of the Agricultural Inventory Advisory Panel

Information about the 2014 meeting of the Agricultural Inventory Advisory Panel – an independent group of experts who meet to assess proposed improvements to the Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Papers considered

Four papers were presented to the panel for consideration:

  • new emission factors for direct N2O from excreta
  • units for direct nitrous oxide emission factor for urea
  • nitrogen retention
  • equation for methane emissions from anaerobic effluent ponds.


  1. Recommendations regarding EF3 emission factors and methodology were not approved. The panel decided further clarification of values and methodologies was required for points 17 and 18 of the paper.
  2. The panel agreed to the recommendation to alter point 19 of the IPCC 2006 guidelines regarding urea.
  3. Regarding the nitrogen retention paper, the panel:
    • did not agree with the recommended updates to (a) and (b) N retained in liveweight gain: cattle and sheep as they were not well-backed by the reporting
    • were concerned about adopting (c) N retained in liveweight gain: deer as the recommendation was based on a study which included deer not prevalent in New Zealand
    • suggested changes should be made to (d) dairy cattle % crude protein of milk
    • were concerned about (e) beef cattle % crude protein of milk as it contained data from breeds not found in New Zealand
    • agreed with the recommendation in (f) sheep % crude protein of milk but asked that additional analysis be done
    • recommended (g) deer % crude protein of milk be calculated from breeds prevalent in New Zealand
    • accepted (h) N retention in wool, provided the figure in the paper is quoted from the ARC report
    • noted that recommendation (i) N velvet % needed to account for the conversion factor for dry matter
    • accepted recommendation (j) deer growth period.
  4. Recommendations from point 12 were noted by the panel.

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Copies of the papers presented to the panel, and the minutes taken, are included below.

2014 panel meeting minutes and recommendations

2014 summary papers and technical reports

Nitrous oxide emissions from hill country

Nitrous oxide emissions from urea

Nitrogen retained in livestock

Methane emissions from anaerobic effluent ponds

Information paper: Meeting the new requirements for the 2006 IPCC guidelines

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