Agricultural Inventory Advisory Panel

The Agricultural Inventory Advisory Panel is an independent group of experts who meet once a year to assess proposed improvements to the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Panel representatives

The panel is made up of representatives from:

  • Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)
  • Ministry for the Environment
  • Royal Society of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre
  • Experts on methane emissions (New Zealand Methanet advisory group)
  • Experts on nitrous oxide emissions (New Zealand NzOnet advisory group)

The panel provides advice on proposed changes to New Zealand's agricultural section of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. The panel:

  • assesses peer-reviewed reports and papers providing evidence for proposed changes to the inventory
  • advises whether the proposed changes are scientifically robust and meet the reporting guidelines.

The panel then advises MPI of its recommendations. MPI must approve the recommendations before the changes can be included in the inventory calculations.

Past meetings of the panel

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